How to Search Resources:

The main objective of the IWO is to collect and share resources regarding the usage of ICT in the water sector. To this end the IWO offers some tools to allow an user friendly way to explore and search the resources.

  • Resources Information Structure:

    A resource will have the following information:

    • Title: The title of the resource, this is clear for a book, chapter, paper or any other document. In the case of a product, this filed will contain the commercial name of the product. In the case of a company or organization it will contain the name.
    • Description: The description of the resource. In the case of documents here goes the abstract, for the rest of resources a brief description is provided to know what the resource contains.
    • URL or File: A link to the resource or the resource itself is provided.
    • Format: The format of the resource.
    • Aditional Information:
      • Tags: Tags of the resource
      • Topic: Topic of the document
      • Type: Type of the document
      • Year: Release year of the document
      • Last Updated: Date of the last modification of the resource.
      • Created: Date of the creation of the resource.
      • Format: Format of the resource.
      • License: License under which corresponds to the resource.
      • ID: Id of the resource.
      • State: State of the resource in the IWO.
  • Search Form:

    The main page contains a search form, where the user can write the main keywords to look for. The IWO’s search engine will make a search in the database retrieving all datasets that contain the keywords in:

    • Title
    • Topic
    • Tag
    • Description
    Search Form
    FIG.1 - Image of the home search box, it search by resources and can filter by [name, description, topic, tag]
  • Browse Datasets:

    In Dataset section, the user can browse all datasets in Dataset section. It is also possible to use filters by selecting some of the filters in the left side menu. The filters included are:

    • Organitzations
    • Groups
    • Tags
    • Formats
    • Licences

    There is also a custom search filed and a menu to sort the results obtained.

    Browse Datasets
    FIG.2 - Image of the main dataset searcher, this display all the datasets that an user can see

How to Create User Accounts

Only authenticated and validated user can upload resources and create datasets. To create a new user, please contact with

How to Upload Resources

  • Create Dataset

    Under Dataset tab, there is an “Add Dataset” button. This button opens a wizard that helps the user to create a dataset and upload a first resource related to that Dataset. It is mandatory to add a resource when creating a new Dataset.

    Create Datasets
    FIG.3 - Creation of a Dataset - Dataset Information
    Create Datasets
    FIG.4 - Creation of a Dataset - Adding Resources
  • Upload Files and URLs

    To upload a resource, a dataset has to be selected and then go to manage. In this new manage menu, under resources tab there is a “Add new resource” button.

    Upload Files and URLs
    FIG.5 - Resources inside Datasets, this tab shows all the resources of a dataset and add new resources
  • Create Organization

    Under Organization tabs, there is a “Add Organization” button that opens a form where an Organization can be created.

    Create Organization
    FIG.6 - Creation of an Organization, you need authorization to create Organizations